How to subscribe to our NEW Push Notifications?

To even further improve our service, we have switched to a new Push Notification system that enables us to keep you in the loop on betting-related information at a more efficient rate.

However, we have encountered some technical difficulties that this article will help fix.

Since you are still subscribed to our old system, you will get a reappearing pop-up whenever you enter a page on our website asking for your permission to receive our Push Notifications even though you might’ve already accepted this request.

For a quick resolution of this issue, please follow the next steps:

  • Click on the “Lock” icon beside the URL


Click on the lock

Mobile device

Click on permissions
  • Click on the “Reset permission” button and re-enable it again


Click on the reset permissions button

Mobile Device

Click on reset permissons
  • After that, you shall refresh the website, accept the cookies and the pop-up will appear again. Once you click on “Yes”, you will be fully incorporated into our New System
Click on the yes button

Note: if this still does not fix the issue and you are still getting a reappearing pop-up asking you to accept our Push Notifications, clear the website cookies and re-do the process once more.