Accumulator betting tips

Of all bet types, accumulators are clearly one of the favorites for many punters. Because you can pick anywhere from two events to an unlimited number of events (although some websites put a cap on this), the possibility of winning A LOT of money using just a LITTLE stake is very possible.

List of accumulator tips

Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet total
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet total
Accumulator bet total
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet total
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet total
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet prediction
Accumulator bet total

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Accumulator prediction teaser

What to know about accas or multibets?

While it may look easy to win BIG MONEY by placing a multibet or an accumulator bet, it is extremely important for the client not to be lost in the lure to make a quick buck but to instead invest their time to gain an indepth knowledge of the sport/ league they are looking to place a bet on. A single incorrect outcome on the multibet renders the whole bet lost

In the event of an abandoned/cancelled event in the multibet, most bookies usually settle the bet on the basis of the remaining selections. For instance, if it was a five-fold multibet/ accumulator and one game is postponed, then the bet will be settled on the basis of the remaining four selections. If they are correct then the bet would paid out using their odds. This means however that the returns will be less than initially indicated since the odd for the postponed game would basically be removed.

Example of an accumulator bet

Consider a scenario where a bettor wishes to bet on the following six predictions:

  1. Manchester United v Sheffield United – Home Win @ 1.80
  2. Arsenal v Chelsea – Both Teams to Score @ 1.55
  3. Liverpool v West Ham – Goal Over 2.5 @ 1.70
  4. Real Madrid v Atletico – Gola Under 3.5 @ 1.40
  5. PSG v Nantes – Halftime/Fulltime, PSG/PSG 2.05
  6. Juventus v Torino – Handicap -1 Juventus @ 2.20

If a bettor has a stake of $ 10 on 6 different bets the returns would be as follows

  1. 10 X 1.80 = 18 (Profit is 8)
  2. 10 X 1.55 = 15.5 (Profit is 5.5)
  3. 10 X 1.70 = 17 (Profit is 7)
  4. 10 X 1.40 = 14 (Profit is 4)
  5. 10 x 2.05 = 20.5 (Profit is 10.5)
  6. 10 X 2.20 = 22 (Profit is 12)

His total profit from his $ 10 stake in case all the predictions turn out to be correct would be $ 47 – all played as SINGLE BETS!

If, however this same punter decides to combine all these predictions into a single 6-fold multibet and puts the same stake, this is how the returns would be calculated:

Play Accumulator bet: Stake X Total Odds
10 X 1.80 X 1.55 X 1.70 X 1.40 X 2.05 X 2.20 = 299.5
Meaning the profit will be (299.5 – 10) = $ 289.5 total profit!!!

You can basically see how different the calculations and the returns are for basically making the same predictions using the same stake. The accumulator bet because of the high-risk factor has very high returns. In short what is happening is the winnings from the first predictions are being rolled over and used as stake for the next one and so on. Hence the term accumulator.

The beauty will this type of bet is it allows you to not only combine teams from across different leagues but also from a cross section of sport. This is advantageous for those bettors that are well versed with a multiplicity of sports or those that follow different leagues as is common with most football fans.

Even though you can make various selections from different sports in a multibet, generally speaking accumulator bets cannot combine more than one selection from the same event. This is to prevent placement of several events that are dependent one outcome like say putting both teams to score and team X to win both on the same game. Some bookies however allow these types of bets not as ordinary multibets but only as a special bet type under their terms and conditions.

Accumulator Bets / Multibet FAQs

What is a multibet or accumulator bet?

A multibet or accumulator bet is a type of bet that combines two or more event outcomes under one bet. The multibet combines the odds of all events selected. The total odds are calculated by multiplying all the odds of the selected events together. The more events you add, the higher the odds increase. You can add as many events as you want, but the bookmaker can put a limit on the number of events.

How does an accumulator bet work?

All the predicted outcomes in an accumulator bet must be successful for the accumulator bet to be successful. This means each single prediction must be correct for the accumulator bet to win. If one or more of the event predictions fail, the whole multibet is lost and you lose your entire stake. Some bookmakers give a refund of your stake if you miss one or more events in your multibet. If you win the multibet, the combined odds of the multibet are multiplied by your stake to calculate your winnings.

How much can I win with accumulator bets?

Accumulator bets generally earn bigger wins than single bets. The accumulator odds are multiplied by your stake amount to determine your winnings. Higher odds and higher stakes will translate to bigger wins. You can win as much as possible depending on the limits placed by your bookmaker. Most accumulators will earn you around 5 to 20 times your stake.

Do i have to pay for the multibet tips?

NO – the team from is providing all accumulator tips for FREE. Check out our accas, we provide you the best odds for every bet.

How many multibet tips are online?

This varies from time to time, but for a weekend or a Champions League matchday we provide you with at least 2 or 3 accumulator tips. Our betting experts are only chosing the best games for it.