Betting Markets

If you are really into learning how the universe of betting works, especially how punters earn their money out of betting companies then it is worth beginning with understanding more about the betting markets offered by the best betting sites in Africa.

What do we offer?

Some of the most popular betting tips from markets that are constantly being offered by our sports analysts include 1×2, Both Teams to Score, Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Correct Score, Double Chance, Corners, Handicap, HF-FT, etc.

In addition, we have some special types, exclusive to users of Betting Tips Africa. These encompass tips with different odd variations. The offer ranges from Sure Bet Tips, Free Super Tips, Solo predictions to Accumulator predictions, Odds Boost, Bankers and Victors Victory predictions. Make sure to explore for yourself and decide what special type suits your needs best!

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Betting markets explained

Betting Markets are the specific sports events that differ from one sport to another usually posted by sportsbooks to help you make decisions when you wish to wager the desired event in a certain game. You can easily find betting markets on the website of the specific bookmaker or alternatively, you can install the latest best betting apps for flexibility in exploring the markets. Both, the website and mobile apps of the online bookmakers came prior to the existence of sportsbook’s physical shop.

All the betting markets are valued using odds. Presented as the decimals or fractions, odds are a current value offered by a single market for you to wager. The higher the odds the higher the payout and vice versa. Odds usually vary from one another as a result of the strength and weakness of either team/side during the match day. The smaller the odds the stronger the opponents and vice versa.

This means, If team X has a higher rank compared to team Y then, the odds for team X are much expected to be low and eventually keep dropping as matchday approaches compare to the odds for team Y. This brings you to an understanding of the probability or likelihood for specific events to occur that is, the lower the odds the higher the probability of an event to be able to occur.


The 1×2 market refers to wagers on one of three probable match final results that is home win (1), a draw(x), or away win(2). This is the most popular market compared to other markets.


This stands for Both Teams to Score or Goal-Goal (GG) markets which require both teams to score at least a goal in case the punter opted YES and vice versa if selected NO. The selection of NO has two implications, first one team to score a goal or no goal at all.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

The Over/Under 2.5 Goals market stands for the total number of goals scored in a whole match whereby the punter can predict 3 goals or more if he/she is betting on Over 2.5 Goals and less than 3 match goals if opted for Under 2.5 Goals

Correct Score

This is an exact final goal scored by both teams at full time or halftime. It depicts a win or a loss or a draw of teams using the accurate number of goals expected to be scored.

Double Chance

Double chance combines two of the three potential (1X2) outcomes into a single market that is a Home win or Draw (1X), Away win or Draw (X2), and Home or Away (12) as the probable final results.
The possibility to win a bet is high with a double chance market since the risk has been reduced.


This involves betting on which side will kick more corners than the other or match to end with equal corners presented as 1 for the home team, X for a draw, and 2 for the away team to score more corners. Yet this market offers you to also bet on Over and Under a certain number of corners.


A handicap adds negative goals/points to the stronger team and positive goals/points to the weaker team before the game starts. To decide if the pick has won, the handicap is added to the final score of the game.


This Market is offer you the chance to bet on a normal home win, draw, or away win (1×2) by first halftime and fulltime

Bookmaker betting markets comparison

The best way to compare the betting markets from different bookmakers is by reviewing the odds payout percentage and checking how many markets are available in a specific sportsbook.

Our recommended bookmakers have been well-reviewed with a balanced scorecard on each of their review pages, while the betting site Betway leads the score with a 98/100 betting offer with an overall score of 96/100. With just little inadequacy in markets and other features, the rest of the bookmakers comes below the Betway in providing the best-betting markets to clients.

Attention: do not forget to pick the free bet bonus on registration offered for new customers!

Betting market filter is also among the key unique feature that distinguishes bookmakers because going through checking market availability can be very tricky if the bookmaker has poor tools for filtering their markets.

How to use betting markets?

There are various ways you can use the betting markets but the best strategies come with minimum loss while you get the most out of bookies. If you think of maximizing profit out of your stake then think of how the odds can be boosted by your selection. When you add more selection into a single betting slip the cumulative odds for all selection also becomes huge and this means the stake returns get bigger too.

You can start by checking out if a certain bookmaker allows you to bet thru single bet, multi bet, banker bet, or system bet. Then, go further into getting an insight on how to use each of these strategies to your advantage. We have shared some light about these techniques as follows:

  • Single bet: This involves betting on a single outcome of an event, For Example, you want to bet on team x win only. This strategy is very good if you have the finest single selection and you want to invest a huge stake. It also has little returns if the stake is very low hence is not good for punters with low capital.
  • Multi-bet: This is a combination of several single bets to form a long list of events in a single betting slip. It is very useful when punters have a low stake and wants to win a huge amount. This kind of strategy is very tricky as when you lose one selection the whole ticket is lost too.
  • Banker bet: This is a multi-bet with events ranging from 3 to 8 while one event is chosen to be marked as banker selection. This strategy is the resolution of lost tickets in multi-bet. Your ticket can never be lost as long as banker selection was successful.
  • System bet: This is a combination of several Banker bets to form different arrangements of betting slips. It is very useful for punters as it gives assurance of relying on other arrangements of events when others have lost. This is an upgrade of the accumulator bet.


The betting market is the foundation of any sportsbook and they vary from one bookmaker to another. In order to make the best decision when walking through searching for the most preferred markets, our experts are working day and night to simplify your selection through our football predictions pages. A more profitable betting experience awaits you when you choose to explore the detailed betting strategies constantly shared by our team for free.