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Are you looking for a sponsor or financial assistance for yourself (athlete) or your (football)team? Then you’ve come to the right place at!

We are a group of sports enthusiasts who understand how difficult it can be to participate in sports or run a sports club. Money is often a limiting factor, especially for amateurs – but also for semi-professionals in so-called “fringe sports.” We believe in the unifying potential of competition, which is why we like to support clubs and individual athletes.

To get more clarity, please read this post and contact us if you want to be sponsored.

Apply for sponsorship today by writing to [email protected] with detailed information about yourself/club/team, full name, and address, a basic description of why you deserve a sponsorship and most important send us a link to your Website (having a website is mandatory for sponsorship!!!)

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Every sportsperson and/or club welcome!

It doesn’t matter which sport it is: football, tennis, handball, basketball, hockey, darts, or eSports – we don’t want to deny our help to any club, squad, or athlete in advance.

There is one exception: Since is a sports betting platform, we are not permitted to fund children’s or youth teams or individuals under the age of 18. Please keep in mind that sports betting has age limits.

This is what our support could look like

The specifics of our sponsorship are determined by your needs. We will be delighted to serve as a jersey or ball sponsor. Do you need monetary support to cover your travel expenses, various fees, or other expenses? We are happy to talk about that too! In return, we expect some level of presence from you. Photos of us-sponsored equipment on your Facebook page, ads on your website, and so on.

It is difficult for us to give general guidelines, as the needs of each and every club and athlete vary. However, we have explained in the following paragraph what we need from you in response to an inquiry.

What are the preconditions for your sponsor application?

We need the following information from you in your email message, before discussing particular commitments.

  • A presentation describing yourself or your sports club in a few words/sentences
  • What kind of sponsorship are you looking for? (Material sponsoring such as jerseys, balls, etc. or financial support)
  • Links to your Internet presence (e.g. website, etc.)
  • Anything else that seems helpful to you in persuading us to sponsor

ATTENTION: take a look at your SPAM folder to be sure to receive our answer!!!

Simply write to us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you. We will make every effort to process your request as soon as possible. This usually occurs within two working days.

All the best to you and/or your team

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