Euro 2024 predictions

Euro 2024 predictions top teaserWelcome football fans to our UEFA Euro 2024 predictions blog. Get ready to dive into the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming 17th edition of this prestigious tournament. Set to be hosted by Germany from June 14th to July 14th, 2024, the exhilarating tournament will not only determine a champion but also pave their way towards an epic showdown with the Copa America Winner.

With a four-year cycle that always leaves us hungry for more, Euro 2024 promises to deliver thrilling matches, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments that will be etched in football history.

In this blog, we will dive into everything you need to know about Euro 2024 – from group stages and fixtures to long-term bets and qualification. And hey, we’ve got some exciting offers too! Whether you’re looking for tips on sure bet prediction or want to make use of some exclusive deals like Paripesa welcome bonus for some extra free cash to kickstart your Euro 2024 betting journey – we’ve got you covered.

So, sit back, relax and let’s get started on our journey through one of the most thrilling football tournaments in the world!

Euro 2024 predictions

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Euro 2024 Tournament Groups

The draw for the Euro 2024 took place on December 2nd, 2023, at Festhalle in Frankfurt. The tournament will feature 24 teams from across Europe, divided into 6 groups of 4 teams each, forming a wonderful blend of teams that is sure to have a close contest filled with actions and excitement. Below are the groups that will go into the Euro 2024:

HungaryItalySerbiaFranceRomaniaCzech Republic

From 14th June – 26th June 2024, each group will present its own unique challenges as teams battle it out in hopes of advancing to the knockout stages.

Euro 2024 Play Format

Euro 2024 play format reveals an intriguing structure that promises excitement and suspense for football fans around the world. Just like the previous edition, the tournament with go through two phases – Group Stage and the Knockout Stage.

Group Stage: The play format starts with a round-robin stage where every team in a group plays against each other once. This creates an intense battle for points, as one loss could drastically affect a team’s chances of progressing further. It also means that no match can be taken lightly, as even draws could prove crucial in determining who advances.

Knockout Stages (Semi-Finals, Quarterfinals and Finals): Once the group stage is complete, the top two teams from each group move on to the Round of 16. From here, it’s all or nothing as they compete in single elimination matches until only one team remains standing. The quarter Finals follow suit, followed by the semifinals and ultimately culminating in the grand finals. In case of a tie during the knockout stage, extra time and penalty shootouts may be used to determine the winner.

Euro 2024 Fixtures & Results

Group Stage:

A14, June 202410:00 pmGermany vs Scotland-:-
A15 June 20244:00 pmHungary vs Switzerland-:-
B15 June 20247:00 pmSpain vs Croatia-:-
B15 June 202410:00 pmItaly vs Albania-:-
D16 June 20244:00 pmPoland vs Netherlands-:-
C16 June 20247:00 pmSlovenia vs Denmark-:-
C16 June 202410:00 pmSerbia vs England-:-
E17 June 20244:00 pmRomania vs Ukraine-:-
E17 June 20247:00 pmBelgium vs Slovakia-:-
D17 June 202410:00 pmAustria vs France-:-
F18 June 20247:00 pmTurkey vs Georgia-:-
F18 June 202410:00 pmPortugal vs Czech Republic-:-
B19 June 20244:00 pmCroatia vs Albania-:-
A19 June 20247:00 pmGermany vs Hungary-:-
A19 June 202410:00 pmScotland vs Switzerland-:-
C20 June 20244:00 pmSlovenia vs Serbia-:-
C20 June 20247:00 pmDenmark vs England-:-
B20 June 202410:00 pmSpain vs Italy-:-
E21 June 20244:00 pmSlovakia vs Ukraine-:-
D21 June 20247:00 pmPoland vs Austria-:-
D21 June 202410:00 pmNetherlands vs France-:-
F22 June 20244:00 pmGeorgia vs Czech Republic-:-
F22 June 20247:00 pmTurkey vs Portugal-:-
E22 June 202410:00 pmBelgium vs Romania-:-
A23 June 202410:00 pmSwitzerland vs Germany-:-
A23 June 202410:00 pmScotland vs Hungary-:-
B24 June 202410:00 pmCroatia vs Italy-:-
B24 June 202410:00 pmAlbania vs Spain-:-
D25 June 20247:00 pmNetherlands vs Austria-:-
D25 June 20247:00 pmFrance vs Poland-:-
C25 June 202410:00 pmEngland vs Slovenia-:-
C25 June 202410:00 pmDenmark vs Serbia-:-
E26 June 20247:00 pmSlovakia vs Romania-:-
E26 June 20247:00 pmUkraine vs Belgium-:-
F26 June 202410:00 pmCzech Republic vs Turkey-:-
F26 June 202410:00 pmGeorgia vs Portugal-:-

Knockout Stage:

Last 16L129 June 20247:00 pm2A vs 2B-:-
Last 16L229 June 202410:00 pm1A vs 2C-:-
Last 16L330 June 20247:00 pm1C vs 3D/E/F-:-
Last 16L430 June 202410:00 pm1B vs 3A/D/E-:-
Last 16L51 July 20247:00 pm2D vs 2E-:-
Last 16L61 July 202410:00 pm1F vs 3A/B/C-:-
Last 16L72 July 20247:00 pm1E vs 3A/B/C/D-:-
Last 16L82 July 202410:00 pm1D vs 2F-:-
QFQF15 July 20247:00 pmWinner L4 vs Winner L2-:-
QFQF25 July 202410:00 pmWinner L6 vs Winner L5-:-
QFQF36 July 20247:00 pmWinner L3 vs Winner L1-:-
QFQF46 July 202410:00 pmWinner L7 vs Winner L8-:-
SFSF19 July 202410:00 pmWinner QF1 vs Winner QF2-:-
SFSF210 July 202410:00 pmWinner QF3 vs Winner QF4-:-
Final14 July 202410:00 pmWinner SF1 vs Winner SF2-:-

Euro 2024 Bets & Odds

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is not only a thrilling display of football skills but also an exciting opportunity for fans and bettors alike to place their bets and try their luck. As with any major sporting event, bookmakers will be offering a wide range of betting options for Euro 2024. From simple match results bets that require expertise on how to predict straight win to more complex wagers such as Euro 2024 outright bets.

And talking of Euro 2024 Outright? They are long term wagers on the tournament such as: Euro 2024 Top Goal Scorer, Group Stage Winner, Euro 2024 Winner and several others that can be wagered way ahead of the start of the competition for some huge cash wins. Below are some Euro 2024 Outright bets with the best odds you can find in the betting market.

Euro 2024 Overall Winner & Odds

TeamWho will lift the Euro 2024 Cup

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group A Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group A

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group B Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group B

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group C Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group C

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group D Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group D

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group E Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group E

Last update 15.5.24

Euro 2024 Group F Winner & Odds

TeamWho will win Group F
Czech Republic

Last update 15.5.24

While many will be backing traditional powerhouses like Germany, England, France, Portugal, Italy, or Spain as favorites, surprises can always happen in football. Underdogs has historically had their moments in international tournaments too. That’s why we recommend free bet bonus on registration for you for some extra free cash – you could back the underdogs without fear!

Euro 2024 Host Cities

Euro 2024 will be hosted across ten (10) vibrant cities in Germany, each offering its own unique charm and footballing atmosphere. The chosen host cities are Berlin, Dortmund, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. These iconic destinations have been carefully selected to ensure fans from all corners of Europe and beyond can experience the thrill of live matches.

As we wait anxiously to witness thrilling matches and unforgettable moments unfold before our eyes, let’s take a closer look at the 10 selected cities and their stadia:

  • Berlin – Olympiastadion – (74,461 Capacity)
  • Munich – Allianz Arena, Munchen – (70,076 Capacity)
  • Cologne – Cologne Stadium – (49,827 Capacity)
  • Frankfurt – Deutsche Bank Park – (54,697 Capacity)
  • Stuttgart – Stuttgart Arena – (54,906 Capacity)
  • Hamburg – Volksparkstadion – (52,245 Capacity)
  • Leipzig – Red Bull Arena – (42,959 Capacity)
  • Dortmund – Signal Iduna Park – (65,849 Capacity)
  • Dusseldorf – Merkur Spiel-Arena – (51,031 Capacity)
  • Gelsenkirchen – Arena AufSchalke – (54,740 Capacity)

With such diverse host cities spread throughout Germany, this tournament guarantees not just thrilling matches on field, but also memorable experience off-field for all visitors. And for those who can’t make it to Germany, you can keep in touch with all the footballing action from anywhere on the planet with one of the best betting apps!

Euro 2024 Tournament/Match Rules

In the exciting world of football, rules govern every aspect of the game. The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is no exception, with a set of regulations in place to ensure fair play to determine a deserving champion.

Starting from Group Stage, the top two teams from each group and the four best third-placed teams will advance to the knockout stage. In case of a tie in points between two or more teams, the following criteria will be used to determine their rankings:

  • Goals difference
  • Goals scored
  • Head-to-head rules
  • Fair Play Conduct (Yellow/Red)
  • Coefficient ranking based on previous edition
  • Drawing lots

During the knockout matches, the following criteria is used to determine a winner:

  • Extra time (When a match end in a draw – two halves of 15 minutes each)
  • Penalty shootout (If no winner emerges after extra time)

Moving on to disciplinary matters and other match rules:

  • Each team is allowed to make 3 subsitution for a full-time play
  • An extra 1 substitution is allowed for each team if it goes to extra time during the knockout stage
  • Players accumulating two yellow cards up until the quarter-finals will receive a one-match suspension
  • For red card offenses, players can face suspension ranging from one match up to multiple games depending on the severity

Last but certainly not least, important are VAR (Video Assistant Referee) protocols which aim at assisting referees in making crucial decisions such as awarding goals or penalties correctly while minimizing errors that could impact outcomes significantly.

With these rules firmly established for UEFA Euro 2024 championship action, it promises thrilling moments where skill meets strategy on football’s grand stage!

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Euro 2024 Qualification

The road to UEFA Euro 2024 was filled with excitement as teams battled it out for a chance to compete in the prestigious tournament. With Germany already securing their spot as the host nation, the remaining 23 places was up for grasp – determined through a combination of the traditional Euro 2024 qualifiers and nail-biting play-offs involving the best performed teams in the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League.

While many teams fought hard to secure their spot, it was Portugal who emerged with a flawless record throughout the qualification matches. But they won’t be alone in boasting unbeaten campaigns; powerhouses such as France, England, Belgium, Romania and Hungary also made it through without suffering any losses along the way.

It’s wort noting that out of the participating countries in Euro 2024, a staggering number of 17 have returned once again from the previous edition. This will constitute Italy, the defending champions, and their runners-up, England, who will be seeking redemption. The stage will also welcome back France (2022 Qatar World Cup Runners-up). Joining this elite group is none other than Croatia – the bronze Medal winner (2022 WC), and several more highly ranked teams. So, stay tuned as we delve deeper into each group and explore how these qualified teams will face off against one another!

Interesting facts

  • Portugal won all their qualifying matches in the previous qualifiers (10 wins in 10 matches)
  • France, England, Belgium, Romania, and Hungary qualified with an unbeaten run
  • France, Germany, and Portugal currently have the highest qualifying with a record 14 straight European Championship appearance
  • Serbia and Slovenia will make their return to European Championship in 24 years
  • Sweden was not able to qualify for the first time in 28 years